Off Beaten Trekking Tracks in Nepal

21st November, 2019 | Highlander


People usually prefer to travel to have some quality time, to take some time off or to explore their wildest of fantasies. When you are someone who loves to have adventure and add thrill to their journey, you need something many people have not or could not do. Nepal being small country between the two massive countries, is beautiful blessed with the Himalayan range. Nepal consists of 8 out of 10 tallest peaks in the world. Popular due to the Himalayan range and geographical diversity, Nepal welcomes a large number of tourists each year. The Annapurna range and the Everest range is busy throughout the year. Pokhara is busy and full of tourists throughout the year.

If you do not want to go to places with the huge number of tourists and crowd and want to enjoy a peaceful journey then these are the list of some off beaten track in Nepal which you should explore whenever you are planning to come to Nepal.

1. Manaslu Round trek

The fact that the Manaslu trek is one of the restricted trekking areas in Nepal makes it untouched from the modernity of the outer world. Manaslu region has some authentic and old culture which has been preserved due to the restriction of the outer world to this gem of a place. This is highly influenced by the Sherpa culture. If you planning to trek here then be wary of Larkey La pass which is the most difficult part of this trek.

2. Upper Dolpo trek

Situated in the remote Far Western part of the country, upper Dolpo is a place similar to that of Manaslu region as it is still been untouched by the tourism sector and a very challenging trek. If you love challenges, then this trek is probably going to be the best journey of your life. Though the journey and the trek is extremely challenging but it is worth the effort as it will let you to explore and interact with the authentic Sherpa culture.

3. Upper Mustang

Been demilitarized area until 1992, upper Mustang is also a preserved area in the high Himalayas of Nepal. Most of the people here speak Tibetan language and the lifestyle usually depends on the animal husbandry and farming. Mustang has become one of the most popular destination for local toursim recently.

4. Kanchenjunga Circuit trek

The name Kanchenjunga denotes five treasures of the great snow as this mountain is made out of the five different beautiful peaks. It is the third tallest mountain in the world and the whole trail is challenging and beautiful. If you are someone who enjoys solitude as well as challenges, then this is the best trek for you.

5. Annapurna Circuit trek

Annapurna Circuit trek is one of the famous trek route in the world. You get gorgeous views of whole Annapurna range in this trek. This trekking route is also suitable for Mountain Biking. Being a tough and challenging trek, it is not chosen by many people and remains one of the less opted routes. Going through the up and down strenuous landscape it is definitely going to be challenging for you but that’s what you came for, isn't it?

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