Rafting in Trishuli Nepal

29th August, 2019 | Highlander

Are you someone who loves adventure? Do you believe in the fact that getting out of your comfort zone is when you start having fun and start to live a life? Then Nepal is a country for you. The massive mountains and the thrilling landscapes are something you can create adventure out of. Travelling is all about learning new things, experiencing something you had never done, creating memories and that is what you are going to get served with when you come to Nepal.



Out of the various such rafting sites in Nepal, Trishuli River is one of the most famous and adventurous ones. Trishuli River is one of the tributaries of the Gandaki river system and merges with the Kali Gandaki to form Narayani River. The rafting in Trishuli River starts from a point which is 3-3.5 hours far from Kathmandu. The Trishuli river rafting lasts for 1 day while most of the people prefer a 2 day trip. The distance for rafting varies between 15 kilometers to 60 kilometers. While rafting in Trishuli River you can enjoy the landscape and sceneries around also the famous cable car route which goes to the famous Hindu temple- Manakamana can be seen from here. During the monsoon season, rafting in Trishuli river is preferred by many rafters as the rapids during this season are really exciting. It is a safe and a fun rafting site in Nepal with comparatively few rapid points.

If you are looking to Visit Nepal in the coming days or mainly in summer, Rafting is something you should not miss. You can contact us to book a package or talk to us about our  other packages.


The Koshi Rivers is further divided into the other seven major rivers which in Nepal is spelled as Saptakoshi. Sapta means seven and Koshi is the rivers. Tamor, Arun, Dudhkoshi, Likhu, Tamakoshi, Sunkoshi and the Triveni rivers are the seven tributaries of the Koshi River. The Arun and the Sunkoshi River originates from the Tibet while the others are from Nepal. The convergence of these seven rivers is in Tribeni which is also considered as a sacred place. Tribeni is located in Dharan of the Sagarmatha zone. Before entering the plain, these rivers flow from narrow gorge and finally merge to go to the Ganges.

Now, talking about the Gandaki River, it also has seven tributaries. The Kaligandaki, Budhigandaki, Marsyangdi, Trishuli, Seti, Madi and Daraudi are the major tributaries of the Gandaki River out of which Kaligandaki is the longest one. The river that forms after the mixture of Kaligandaki and Trishuli is named Narayani which again flows out to Ganges.

While the Karnali river system is in the Western part of Nepal which consists of Humla Karnali, Mugu Karnali, Seti and Bheri. The Humla karnali is the major tributary of this river system which is originated from Tibet while the seti and the Bheri are the longest rivers. 



Due to swift flowing nature of Nepal's rivers, Nepal has not been able to establish a water transportation system but the same nature has been commercialized and is now widely used for Rafting sites. The major rivers which have been widely famous and used for rafting are Trishuli, Seti, Bhotekoshi, Kali Gandaki, Marshyangdi, Sunkoshi, Arun, Karnali, Tamur. These rivers are widely used by the internal as well as external tourism for the thrilling White Water Rafting in Nepal. You can plan rafting in these rivers through the help of many such companies who are the expert in these field for years. Rafting doesn’t mean you will go to river, sit in an air pumped tube and simple go with the low. And go back home. It is a memorable event that will last in your memories.



As mentioned before, Nepal is a land of Himalayas and alluring beauty. The massive, humongous mountains which are abundantly found in Nepal are used by some masters of Trekking in Nepal. This is one of the main adventure of Nepal which has attracted a huge number of tourist from worldwide. The same snow of these snowcapped mountains melt during the summers to create the swift flowing rivers, lakes and waterfalls. The Himalayas have not only been the primary source of tourism in Nepal, it has also been a major reason behind these rivers and lakes which has given Nepal a title of one of the richest country in the world in terms of water resources.

Though when you come to Nepal, you cannot wear your favorite swimsuit and flaunt you summer body by sleeping at the hot beach but you definitely can try some memorable adventures in these swiftly flowing rivers in Nepal. The strenuous and the fluctuating water level of these rivers are the reason that many people are earning their lives from. There are plethora of the adventure activities which you would like to try in Nepal and one of them is rafting.

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