Dear Highlander, Thank you so much for an amazing trip! We had a real good time! Thanks for being so flexible and getting us home a day earlier. Pemba is the coolest S

Simone, Henriette, Julie, Mikkel and Cecile

Thank you for the trekking to Ghorepani and Poonhill. The trek was beautiful, the Daal Bhaat was tasty, my guide's experience and the service left nothing to complain about! Wish


About Us

Nepal, as you already may know could well and truly be the most sought after trekking havens in the world. A place where you unearth legends and myths, where each journey embarked unfolds a different tale, where the fondest figments of your imagination spring to life- Trekking in Nepal is definitely second to none.

Exploit your inner thrills and desires. The one’s you’ve been saving for a rainy day. Make it count, with Highlander- our Himalayan Spirit never dampens even in the most sub-zero, geographically challenging thoroughfares.

Delivering and striving for the best since 1992. Come explore and learn with us about Nepal. A feat completely unparalled as Everest trekking, hikes into thick forests with drastically changing landscapes, acknowledging history eons ago of the earth graced by Buddha, the ever intriguing Nepal tour, are all yours to witness.

We have possessed the mastery on distinguishing the enigma of mountains; hearing the charismatic sounds composed by our ancestors into those cultural heritages: and inspecting the biological diversities veiled behind the tropical woodlands; and we have been sharing this great experience with the entire world. This is what we are – always in an attempt to offer the best stand to experience an exclusive and adventurous trekking in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal is a fantastic experience, and no one can be the best partner than the Highlanders. A company bearing genuine tourism ethics, Highlander has always been well aware of, and promoting Eco and Sustainable Tourism. This is not only what we say but exceed in practice.

Trek and travel together with us and release yourself into the amalgam where proficiency meets the Himalayan spirit. Trekking in Nepal begins with Highlander.